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Testimonials by Parents

Abhilasha Sharma

The School is situated at Kharagpur, newly built, striving to create a positive learning environment. With knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, Griffins encourages the students and both student and teachers celebrate each other.
It gives hope thus children practice new skills and watching them glow for parents is a wonderful things. But, accordingly more activities should be include in the syllabus of kinder student and family like environment should be build between parents and non-teaching staff too.
Thank you

Neelam Bhatt Shilswal

Dear team,
First of all thanks a lot and gratitude to all the efforts that are put for the bright future of my ward. Adrija is doing great in every part of the Academics.Arpita mam is her all time favourite. The points I would like to add here is-
(1) If the school can work more over English vocabulary on kids as I’m working on the same.
(2) More activities in accordance to different themes. Like Nature, water, Home etc. Some activities with both teachers and parents .
(3) Math tables, manners and stage performances of the kids adds on building confident personalities.
Thanks & Regards

Rakesh Sharma

Every private school promises to help children in developing the body, mind and spirit. They promise to create a moral and ethical pupil and to work over the student’s emotional and social challenges. But Griffins is the only one, who seem to be doing it.
Apart from that, I have some suggestions.
-Please do encourage the student’s self-esteem in speaking English.
-please keep your promise regarding infrastructure of school like the swimming pool and other activities such as music, sports etc.
I’ve got to respect Griffins as I thought my kid wasn’t getting enough homework but suddenly I got to realise that she is happy and enjoying her childhood.
When a school’s priorities are placing all-around development of the child first, revolutionary success becomes possible.
Thank you

Netra Holeyachi

We the parents of Ananya Holeyachi, we are delighted to see the infrastructure of the school & the lively environment inside. After meeting the principal and staff we enrolled her in spite of the fact that she has to travel 120 km daily. Initially we were concerned whether it is worth and now after six months we are satisfied with her progress.
The curriculum is interesting & teachers have come up with exciting methods to teach the kids. The teaching is playful rather than simply focusing on memorizing. Ananya understands the concept and is feeling associated with that is being taught. She is developing interest in what she is learning and is confident.
I noticed from Ananya’s feedback that a lot of activities are done in groups and it is good for her and the others in log run. She enjoys and loves to go to school regularly.
I loved the way the Partner Teachers Meeting is held, we could see the teachers are paying enough attention towards child’s development and convey the parents both the strengths and weakness of the child constructively.
It is first year of Griffins International School and we are convinced that it is developing in right direction; we wish all the success for the school and hope that the school will develop into a great temple of learning and help the children to shape their future.
Thanking you

Anand Goswami

My name is Anand Goswami and I am the father of Aniket Raj Goswami and he is studying in class KG2 section ‘C’
Griffins – it is an international school which is situated at Kharagpur, West Bengal. This is the best school in across Kharagpur and as well as in the Paschim Midnapore District.
I would like to say something about the environment of this school-
Griffin School has a very awesome and friendly environment. This school has a nice playground and has different kind of sports. My son has learned lot of things from here and surely will learn much more. He always talks about the teacher’s behaviour and their way of teaching. Teachers are very professional with a decent behaviour and are friendly nature. The Teachers teach the children in a nice way and I am really proud of the school where my son is studying.
Thanking you.

Tiyasa Bhattacharya

I Tiyasa Bhattacharya, the mother of Hardik Bhattacharya, a student of class KG-I (A) of this school, would like to share my experiences and feelings about the school and would like to thank for the support my son receives from every staff of this school.
You already know that my son is a patient of Hepatoblastoma and he is still suffering from weakness due to medication. Again I have informed you that he is a special child. I was so much worried about his schooling. But your school has relieved me from worries.
The staff of the buses are very helpful and supportive. They took care of my son more than my expectation.
My son has become much smarter now. Before, he always wanted us to help to him in writing. But now he says that he will write himself. He learns his lessons mostly in school. I do not have to work hard, as before, to make him do his homework. He now learns a whole rhyme in school. This is unbelievable for me. In the past, I had to make him learn all the rhymes and it was not an easy task. For this I am really thankful to his class teacher, who is very helpful, friendly, sensitive and kind.
In first P.T.M I was told to speak to you, I was nervous. But when I found that you personally had noticed the weaknesses of my son and you are concerned about his health I was overwhelmed. We do not only send our child to you but our hope with him and you take care of it. This is what I felt after talking to you. I am really becoming emotional.
Lastly, all regards to Mr. Director that I am really grateful to him for presenting us with such a wonderful school.
Please excuse me if my vocabulary is poor and if I’ve failed at my point in honouring you.
Thaking you

Ms. Halder

Our son Roopam Halder is studying in GIS, nursery-B which is very organized and wonderful school, with a great learning environment and creative teachers. Our child is very happy, enjoys the school and feels safe also.
As parents we were anxious for our child to start his first school but we are so happy and confident in the staff and the Principal. They are doing great job. We are extremely happy to see his progress and hope that the school makes sure that our child is well prepared for the future.
We would like to highlight his teachers, their credible efforts and involvement with children. They are very enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated teachers.
Just wanted to share a very positive feedback that we are glad to choose GIS for our child.
Last but not the least, Ms. Mily Roy Halder the Principal of this school is an outstanding dynamic academic leader and heartiest to Mr. Abhishek Yadav the chairman of the school of this school for making our dreams comes true through education.
Thank you

Ms. Kedia

Student Name: Saanvi Kedia Class KG-II A. With reference to your telephones call on 14th Sep. 17.
Regarding our feedback about Griffins International School.
1- Almost completing six months in the school, my child Saanvi Kedia is very comfortable.
2- We can notice improvements in her i.e. talking in English at home as told by her teacher.
3- The way the teachers conduct the classes and go through the syllabus is very satisfying.
4- The procedure used is fun learning & easy going. She can catch up with things quickly.
5- A laden pressure over studies omitted which is appreciable.
6- The kid is enjoying her school.
7- The assembly time very effective which is well conducted, the child enjoys it.
8- Special care is taken if the child says she is not well.
9- Over all Griffins is doing well in a short span.
10- We are having problem in installing the school apps.
Thanking you

Dr. Sutanu Chatterjee

The progress as the world has depended upon dreams and their dreams, but the dream at the dreams: the greatest dream of all is a healthy and vibrant society.
A society is vibrant by the youth potential and a nation is made with the youth power. Hence centres of education play a pivotal role in nation building.
Griffin International School has come up at a time when the education scenario, the world over is witnessing a massive up heavily. It has come us a whiff of fresh fragrance in another stagnant pool of education.
The dearth of an International school was felt for a long-time Kharagpur and its adjoining areas and Griffin International School has come as a blessing , where aspirations find satisfaction, where the ancient Indian values and traditions are amalgamate with the best of western education. Set amidst pristine surroundings, with its large campus, this school offers the best in education and a variety of sports. This school indeed is a cradle of a new and revitalized India.
In their endeavour in providing quality education to children, I personally wish Griffin International School all the very best and promised to extend all help and support from my end.
Thanks & Regards