Activity Hall

Activity Hall

Griffins International School conducts various events and school’s regular activities for its children in the dedicated activity hall. Preprimary students have a dedicated activity area for group and team activities outside their classroom walls. Various Inter-house competitions are organized and attended in such areas for the children. The activity area has dedicated space for displays, presentations etc. during the events.


Various parent orientation workshops are housed in these halls to provide a comfortable environment. Such activity areas give ample space for the teachers and staff to organize events on regular basis for the benefit of the children.

Multipurpose Activity Hall

At Griffins International School, a multi- purpose hall has been built up to cater to the wide range of activities that will be undertaken by the students. The hall is equipped with the best of an audiovisual facility and various advanced technologies to facilitate co-curricular activities for the students. The hall will be used for various activities such as workshops, seminars, exhibitions, quiz competitions, cultural activities.
The multipurpose hall will also be a hub for undertaking yoga and meditation classes along with a number of indoor games. These activities play a very important role in development of students into a self-confident person and hence conducting them in a suitable environment becomes very important.


The multipurpose hall provided by Griffins International School make sure that the co-curricular activities are conducted with the right approach to serve the purpose of development of student’s interpersonal skills.