Admission Open for - 2019-20
Griffins International School
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi
Affiliation No. 2430226

Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Renu Aneja


Dear Parents,
Griffins International school is an abode of education, first of its kind in Kharagpur. Our Mission is to nurture the students to become successful, responsible and ethically global leaders with a passion for lifelong learning, who aim to make the world a peaceful and bright place full of compassion, curiosity and creative zeal.

Our endeavour is to train the students to think differently, to invent, discover, built up on their own talents and ideas laying emphasis in teaching them life skills and prepare them for life. The School tends to go beyond teaching the syllabus. The vision of the institution is to ignite inquisitiveness in the minds of the budding intellectuals to innovate and inspire others.

Our aim is to make students feel confident for what they prepare to serve the society with, to make you feel satisfied that you could keep your promise to provide your child with the quality education of 21 st century without having to send them away from you, make the society feel proud of the Griffinytes and have the privilege to ourselves of grooming up personalities filled with humility and humane attributes.

It will be our genuine exertion to teach, blend the traditional methods with that of modern techniques preparing every budding scholar to pace up with blooming technology in educational arena.

Dear parents, from the core of my heart I thank you all for trusting the school with your most precious possession and on behalf of Griffins family I assure you of holistic development of your wards, grooming them into individuals who respect mankind irrespective of the caste, class, religion they follow.

Thank you once again and Keep shining!