Academic Pedagogy is an art of teaching which includes the creativity, responsive and intuitive skills of the teacher. Learning in a student occurs most effectively when teachers and students work together for a common goal, and are therefore motivated to assist one another in the entire teaching and learning process. It is very important to provide a child with proper education so that he/she could exploit all their skills properly. The mental, emotional and social growth of a child is determined by his educational experiences and relationships received and built.

Teachers at Griffins International School follow various teaching resources so as to enlighten the child’s innate potential
  • Activity Calendar:- The objective of Activity Calendar is to channelize the child’s quest for play by providing opportunity to imitate, question, explore, and experiment to further their learning skills and decision making ability. Each child is unique.
  • Integrated Learning Plan:- The Integrated Learning Plan (ILP) is designed keeping in view the National Curriculum Framework and the prescribed textbooks. The ILP helps the teachers to plan the lessons pertaining to the chapter, activities related to the chapter and finally the Learning Outcome of that chapter.
  • Worksheets:- The worksheets is a learning tool which is basically related to the content of the chapter. The worksheet has its own intrinsic advantage in learning. It makes learning fun and also helps the student revise the content and reinforce the learning outcomes.
  • Strategum’s Wisdom Series:- The Wisdom Series is a value-added program which inculcates the traditions and values in the students. It not only creates awareness about the significance of festivals and values but also suggests activities which the teachers may conduct for the students. The teaching resource of the Wisdom Series provides important and valuable information.