Admission Open for - 2019-20
Griffins International School
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi
Affiliation No. 2430226

Our Transport

Each bus has a dedicated bus conductor and a maid along with a teacher staff to take care of the children while on board. Parents are send alert messages when students reach and depart from the school.


Bus Rules
  • All students using the school bus are expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.
  • The children should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  • No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it stops.
  • All students must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding their buses.
  • When the bus is in motion students must not move around in the bus.

Bus Routes & Stoppages

DEBRA Route No- 1
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Debra Bus stand 06:45AM   02:52PM
2 Debra Post Office 06:45AM   02:52PM
3 Debra 06:45AM   02:52PM
4 Debra Hospital 06:47AM 12:50PM  
5 Debra thana 06:47AM 12:50PM  
6 Debra Police Station 06:50AM   12:50PM
7 Balichak 06:50AM 12:47PM  
8 Canal Bazar, Balichak 06:50AM 12:47PM  
9 Registry office, Balichak 06:55AM   12:47PM
10 Rupchaya cinema hall 06:57AM   12:45PM
11 Balichak Cinma Hall 06:57AM   12:45PM
12 Netaji Club, Balichak 07:00AM 12:42PM 02:42PM
13 Ganga Nursing Home, Balichak 07:02AM 12:40PM 02:40PM
14 Ganga Nurshinghome 07:02AM 12:40PM  
15 Hariharpur, Balichak Nimtala 07:04AM   02:38PM
16 Hariharpur, Balichak Rice mill 07:04AM   02:38PM
17 Hariharpur, Balichak 07:04AM 02:38PM  
18 Hariharpur 07:04AM 02:38PM  
19 MundAMari 07:10AM   12:35PM
20 JAMna 07:15AM 12:30PM  
21 JAMna, Near PNB Bank 07:15AM 12:30PM  
22 Bus Stop, JAMna 07:15AM 12:30PM 02:30PM
MADPUR Route 2
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Ankur Hotel 06:30AM 12.25PM  
2 BurAMala 06:32AM    
3 Basantpur 06:35AM 12.15PM  
4 Basantpur 06:35AM 12.40PM 2.58PM
5 Sultanpur 06:35AM   2.30PM
6 Pelageria, Bhairabhpur NH 6 06:40AM 12.30PM  
7 BDO Office, Madpur 06:45AM 12.30PM 2.50PM
8 BDO Office, Madpur 06:45AM 12.47PM 2.38PM
9 BDO Office, Madpur 06:45AM 12.50PM  
10 BDO Office, Madpur 06:45AM 12.47PM  
11 BDO Office, Madpur 06:45AM    
12 Madpur, BDO Office 06:45AM    
13 Madpur 06:47AM 12.05PM  
14 Maguria, Madpur 07:00AM    
15 Sakua 07:10AM    
16 Arun Khagra 07:18AM    
17 Arun Bazar 07:18AM    
18 Tetulmuri 07:20AM    
19 Tentulmuli 07:20AM    
BELDA Route 3
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Khakurda 6.35AM 01.15PM 03.15PM
2 Thakur chak 6.45AM 01.05PM 03.05PM
3 Belda Bus Stand 6.55AM 12.55PM 02.55PM
4 Belda 6.55AM 12.55PM 02.55PM
5 Belda thana 6.55AM 12.55PM 02.55PM
6 Narayangarh 7.15AM 12.35PM 02.35PM
7 Narayangarg 7.15AM 12.35PM 02.35PM
8 MakarAMpur 7.25AM 12.25PM 02.25PM
9 MakarAMpur 7.25AM 12.20PM 02.20PM
10 Kharigeria NH60 7.30AM 12.15PM 02.15PM
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Reliance Trendz 06:40AM 12:50PM 02:50PM
2 Reliance Trendz 06:40AM 12:50PM  
3 Bartala, Midnapore 06:44AM   02:48PM
4 Bortala, MDP 06:44AM   02:48PM
5 Nimtala chowk, Borthala 06:44AM   02:48PM
6 Nanur Chawk, Midnapore 06:45AM 12:45PM  
7 Mohua Cinema 07:48AM    
8 Rangamati 06:50AM 12:42PM 02:42PM
9 Hindustan Hotel, Keranitola 06:55AM 12:37PM  
10 Old circuit house 07:00AM   02:33PM
11 Patna bazar, Jugnitola 07:02AM   02:32PM
12 Jugnitola 07:02AM 12:32PM  
13 Mahatabpur Kali Mandir 07:05AM   02:28PM
14 Jagannath Mandir, MDP 07:07AM 12:26PM 02:26PM
15 Nutan Bazar ( Mini Market), MDP 07:08AM 12:24PM  
16 Mini Market, Midnapore 07:08AM   02:22PM
17 Amtala MDP 07:12AM 12:20PM  
18 Rupnarayanpur 07:22AM 12:10PM 02.10PM
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Keranichoti 06:40AM   02:55PM
2 Abas MDP 06:40AM 12:55PM 02:55PM
3 Kuikota Kali Mandir 06:40AM 12:55PM  
4 Church Sepoy Bazae 06:42AM 12:55PM  
5 Sepoy Bazar 06:42AM   02:47PM
6 LIC more, Rabindra ngr, MDP 06:50AM   02:45PM
7 Old LIC More, MDP 06:50AM 12:45PM  
8 Bus Stand 06:55AM 12:44PM  
9 Ashok Nagar 06:55AM 12:44PM  
10 Tantigeria 06:55AM 12:44PM  
11 Ashok Nagar, MDP 06:55AM 12:44PM  
12 Ashoke Nagar 06:55AM 12:44PM 02:44PM
13 Tantigeria, Ashok Nagar 06:55AM 12:44PM  
14 LIC More, Midnapore 07:00AM 12:30PM  
15 Mico lane 07:03AM 12:30PM  
16 Golkua/Mico goli 07:03AM 12:30PM  
17 Mico lane, MDP Khudiram ngr 07:03AM 12:30PM  
18 Zilla Parishad 07:04AM   02:25PM
19 ZP Office 07:04AM   02:25PM
20 Khudiramnagar, Midnapore 07:04AM   02:25PM
21 Panchur Chak, Midnapore 07:04AM 12:25PM  
22 Head post office, MDP 07:04AM 12:25PM  
23 Gol kuwa chowk 07:07AM 12:25PM 02:25PM
24 Karnel gola, MDP 07:07AM 12:25PM 02:25PM
25 Colonelgola, Midnapore 07:07AM 12:25PM 02:25PM
26 Sheetala Hardware, Dharma 07:12AM 12:20PM  
27 Dharma, MDP More 07:12AM 12:20PM 02:20PM
28 Dharma, Ashavardhan Shop 07:12AM 12:20PM  
29 Sitala Hardware, Dharma,MDP 07:12AM 12:20PM  
30 Satkui 07:20AM 12:15PM  
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Prem Bazar 06:50AM 12:45PM  
2 Prem Bazar 06:50AM 12:45PM 02:45PM
3 IIT Gas godown 06:55AM   02:40PM
4 DVC 07:00AM 12:40PM 02:38PM
5 DVC Market 07:00AM   02:38PM
6 Shibmandir, DVC 07:00AM 12:38PM  
7 Hotel Swegetsivemander DVC 07:00AM 12:38PM  
8 IIT gate no.1 07:05AM   02:35PM
9 State hospital 07:05AM 12:32PM 02:32PM
10 Kali mandir, Tengra 07:12AM 12:31PM 02:31PM
11 Chota Tengra 07:12AM   02:31PM
12 NCC Office, Jhapatapur 07.14AM 12:29PM 02:29PM
13 Fire Brigade 07.16AM   02:27PM
14 Fire Station 07.16AM 12:27PM  
15 Gopal nagar, Jhapatapur 07.18AM 12:25PM  
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Complex 6.50AM   01.05PM
2 Airforce station 6.50AM   01.05PM
3 Banjara Basti Nimpura      
4 Nimpura Petrol Pump 7.03AM 12.59PM 03.00PM
5 Nimpura, Gurudwara      
6 Ram mandir, Nimpura 7.05AM   02.59PM
7 Kanak DurgaMandir,Nimpura 7.12AM 12.48PM  
8 Mathurakati 7.10AM 12.53PM  
9 Rambabu Pandal 7.09AM 12.54PM  
10 Shetty Hotel 7.11AM 12.51PM 02.56PM
11 Jaihind nagar Mata Mandir 7.11AM    
12 Footbool Ground, New Settlement 7.15AM 12.45PM 02.52PM
13 RavanMaidan (New Settlement) 7.12AM 12.50PM  
14 Disel Loco Sead 7.50AM    
15 Railway Hospital 7.27AM 12.35PM  
16 Bilimoria pump 7.26AM 12.28PM 02.37PM
INDA-1 Route no 8
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Renold 6.50AM 12.55PM 02.55PM
2 Baba Honda 6.52AM 12.47PM 02.47PM
3 LIC office 6.55AM 12.47PM 02.47PM
4 Inda, LIC 6.55AM 12.47PM 02.47PM
5 Khosla Electronics 6.55AM 12.47PM 02.47PM
6 Utsav Lodge 7.05AM 12.37PM 02.37PM
7 Kamala cabin 7.05AM 12.37PM 02.37PM
8 Hati Gola Bridge 7.10AM 12.32PM 02.32PM
9 South Inda 7.10AM 12.32PM 02.32PM
10 Silver Jubilee School 7.16AM 12.26PM 02.26PM
11 Development Boy’s & Girls School,Puratan bazar 7.20AM 12.22PM 02.22PM
12 Bakli petrolpump 7.28AM 12.20PM 02.20PM
WALIPUR Route no 9
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Vidyasagarpur 6.50AM 12.42PM 02.42PM
2 Near HP Gas Godown 6.55AM 12.35PM  
3 Peerbaba 6.56AM 12.32PM 02.32PM
4 Inda More 7.00AM 12.30PM 02.30PM
5 Inda Bazar Petrol Pumb 7.00AM 12.30PM  
6 Puratan Bazar 7.10AM 12.30PM 02.30PM
7 UBI Bank, Puratan Bazar 7.10AM 12.30PM  
7 Kaushllya 7.15AM   02.25PM
8 Oil mill, Puratan Bazar 7.20AM 12.20PM 02.20PM
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Karur Vyasa Bank 07.01AM 12.54PM 02.54PM
2 Biscuit factory 07.04AM 12.51PM 02.51PM
3 Super Market 07.05AM 12.50PM 02.50PM
4 Prajapati Ghar 07.10AM 12.45PM 02.45PM
5 Water Tank 07.12AM 12.41PM 02.41PM
6 Sen Chowk 07.13AM 12.40PM 02.40PM
7 Saha Chowk 07.15AM 12.35PM 02.35PM
8 Pancharulia 07.18AM 12.30PM 02.30PM
9 Tata Bearings 07.18AM 12.30PM 02.30PM
10 Bargai 07.22AM 12.25PM 02.25PM
Bus Number: 11 (Malancha)
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Karnataka Bank 07.00AM 12.45PM 02.45PM
2 Jain Marble 07.02AM 12.43PM 02.43PM
3 Hithkarini School 07.04AM 12.41PM 02.41PM
4 Central Bank 07.05AM 12.42PM 02.42PM
5 Vijaya Bank 07.07AM 12.40PM 02.40PM
6 Kharida gate 07.10AM 12.37PM 02.37PM
7 Amit Medical 07.11AM 12.36PM 02.36PM
8 UCO Bank 07.11AM 12.36PM 02.36PM
9 Badabatti 07.12AM 12.35PM 02.35PM
Bus Number: 12 (Malancha)
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Annapurna Mandir 07.00AM 12.56PM 02.56PM
2 Shubhaspally gate 07.01AM 12.55PM 02.55PM
3 Shubhaspally gate 07.01AM 12.55PM 02.55PM
4 Shubhaspally gate 07.01AM 12.55PM 02.55PM
5 Gole Bazar Masjid 07.03AM 12.53PM 02.53PM
6 Muslin 07.05AM 12.51PM 02.51PM
7 Gole Bazar 07.07AM 12.49PM 02.49PM
8 Gole Bazar 07.07AM 12.49PM 02.49PM
9 Gole Bazar 07.07AM 12.49PM 02.49PM
10 KGP Bus Stand 07.14AM 12.42PM 02.42PM
11 Traffic 07.18AM 12.38PM 02.38PM
12 Traffic Maidan 07.18AM 12.38PM 02.38PM
BENAPUR Route 13
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Rampura Benapur 06.55AM 12.43PM 02.43PM
2 Rampura, Benapur 06.55AM    
3 Military rd, Benapur 06.58AM 12.40PM 2.40PM
4 Shiv Mandir 07.00AM 12.20PM  
5 Benapur Bazar 07.10AM 12.35PM 02.35PM
6 Panachhatra 07.15AM    
7 Barbetiya More 07.25AM 12.20PM 02.20PM
8 Master Colony, Barbetiya 07.25AM 12.17PM  
9 Sirsi, Ntaji Statue 07.30AM    
10 Saradamoni School, Digra 07.32AM 12.14PM  
11 Hariasol 07.35AM 12.12PM  
12 Changual 07.38AM 12.10PM  
Sabang Route No- 14
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 Sabang 06:30AM 01:05PM 03:05PM
2 Harrirhta 06:38AM   02:58PM
3 Temathani 06:46AM 12:56PM 02:56PM
4 Pakuria 07:00AM 12:40PM  
5 Dujipur 07:04AM 12:36PM 02:36PM
6 Nutan Bazar, Jamna 07:08AM 12:32PM 02:32PM
7 Antrakhi 07:08AM 12:32PM  
8 Panisiuli 07:10AM 12:30PM  
9 Kestopur 07:12AM    
10 Tentulmuli 07:12AM 12:26PM 02:26PM
11 Chakmakrampur 07:16AM   02:24PM
12 Chakgovinda 07:18AM 12:22PM  
13 Mawa Bazar Kalimandir 07:20AM 12:15PM  
14 Mawa Kalimandir 07:20AM 12:20PM  
15 Mawa Bazar 07:22AM 12:18PM 02:18PM
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 PNB Jhapetapur 06:50AM 12:50PM 02:50PM
2 Avijatri Club 06:55AM 12:45PM 02:45PM
3 Eagle House, Jhapatapur 06:56AM 12:44PM 02:44PM
4 Bhandari Motors 07.00AM 12:40PM 02:40PM
5 Bulbulchati 07.10AM 12:30PM 02:30PM
6 Kaushallya More 07.15AM 12:25PM 02:25PM
7 Barbetiya More 07.20AM 12:20PM 02:20PM
8 Barbetiya More 07.20AM 12:20PM 02:20PM
Bus Number: 17 (Malancha)
S. No. PICK UP Point Pick up Time Drop off Time I Drop off Time II
1 BSNL Tower 07.00AM 12:50PM 02:50PM
2 Natajara kali mandir 07.01AM 12:51PM 02:51PM
3 Raj Laxmi Hotel 07.02AM 12:50PM 02:50PM
4 Lal Bunglow 07.04AM 12:52PM 02:52PM
5 Samanta Nursing Home 07.05AM 12:51PM 02:51PM
6 ICICI Bank 07.06AM 12:50PM 02:50PM
7 Atulmoni School 07.06AM 12:50PM 02:50PM
8 ICICI Bank 07.10AM 12:46PM 02:46PM
9 Miloni Cinema 07.10AM 12:46PM 02:46PM