Admission Open for - 2019-20
Griffins International School
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi
Affiliation No. 2430226




Mrs. Ankita Singh

(B.Com Accounts, Hons., B.Ed)

Experience : 1 years

Mrs. Arpita Das Chakraborty


Experience :5 years

Mrs. Basanti Rawlo

(M.Sc.,Botany, MTTC)

Experience : 5 years

Ms. Carol Anamika Sahu

(English, T.T.C, Trained In Computer Basics.)

Experience : 3 years

Mrs. Evelyn Benjamin

(Pursuing B.A in English Hons.)

Experience : 15 years

Ms. Maria Jessica Anthony

(M.A in English, B.Ed.)

Experience : 1 years


Ms. Marian Jacinta David

(B.A in English, MTT trained.)

Experience : 7 years

Mrs. Monalisa Mukherjee

(M.A, Kathak and Bharatnatyam, persuing B.Ed)

Experience : 7 years

Mrs. Philomena Maria Gomes

(B.A in English, MTT trained)

Experience : 7 years

Ms. Prerana Gupta

(B.A in English,B.ed Persuing, MTT trained)

Experience : 3 years

Ms. Sonali Mahananda

(B.A in English hons, B.ed - Persuing, T.T.C)

Experience : 4 years

Ms. Soumi Banerjee

(B.A in English, D.el. Ed - Pursuing)

Experience : 1 years


Ms. Sunanda Acharjee

(M.A in English, MTT)

Experience : 8 years

Mrs. Gayatri Priyadarshini
Mrs. Tanushree Mahapatra

(M.A in English, MTT)

Experience : 3 Years 6 Months

Mrs. Trupti Tanty
Ms. Uzma Abid

(Accounts and finance, Diploma in Montessori, MTT)

Experience : 1 Years



Ms. Anjali Sharma

(B.Sc Maths, Hons, B.Ed, Diploma in Technology Application, Trained for Maths Lab from NIIT)

Experience : 4.5 Years

Mrs. Anjana Saha

(EVS, B.Sc Maths, Hons, B.Ed, Trained in capacity building programm on life skill. B-Music and CTET)

Experience : 10 Years

Mrs. Avinita Khilari

(English, M.A in English, B-Music and CTET,B.Ed, CTET -TGT, Diploma in Fashion Designing, Diploma in Vocal music, Diploma in Fine art, NIIT)

Experience : 4 Years

Ms. Manali Maharana

(Computer Application, B.C.A , B.Ed in English, Diploma in Banking Management)

Experience : 2 Years

Mrs. Monika Satpati Basak

(Political Science/Bharatnatyam, M.A in political science. PhD-continuing, Diploma in Bharatnatyam, Diploma in Classical dance/Diploma in computer application )

Experience : 10 Years

Mrs. Nupur Dandapat

(Hindi, Master Degree in Hindi, B. Ed and M.Ed. Diploma in computer application. training in yoga, 1yr experince Teaching in B.Ed College.)

Experience : 12 Years


Mrs. Pritha Kar Banerjee

(Bengali, Ma - Sanskrit, B.ed, Certificate course in Computer)

Experience : 3 Years

Mr. Samrat Ghosh

(Math, Master Degree in Commerce, MBA and B.ed, certificate course in computer)

Experience : 4 Years

Ms. Sanjukta Kujur

(English, M A, English, CTET, B.Ed.)

Experience : 4 Years

Mrs. Shabnam Dutta

(English, M A, English, B.Ed. NIIT English Language Software training.)

Experience : 2 (Mis.) 6 Years

Mr. Sourav Bhattacharya

(English, M.A in English, CTET, B.Ed.)

Experience : 2 Years

Mrs. Moulami Mallick

(Bengali, M.A , Hons in Bengali, B.ed, computer basic, Diploma in classical music and Diploma in painting)

Experience : 4 Years


Mr. Sonu Chinna

(Sports, Physical Education, B.P.ED,M. P.ED, Health Education)

Experience : 2 Years

Mr. Dipayan Bhattachary

M. A. (Sanskrit)
Special B.Ed. (Mental Retardation) - RCI Registration No – A51164
Persuing M. A. (Education)

Experience : 4 Years



Mrs. Durga Yadav

(Science, M.Sc. B.ED. Certificate in Global Career Counselling by Univariety (UCLA). Pursuing PGDEA, NIIT, Maths lab Training)

Experience : 9 Years

Ms. Indrani Mandal

(Computer, BCA,)

Experience : 3 Years

Ms. Kiran Kumari Sharma

(Hindi, M.A, Hons in Hindi, B.ed, CTET, Diploma in computer)

Experience : 4 Years

Mrs. Neepa Kakoti

(Geography, B.Sc, B.Ed)

Experience : 7 Years

Mr. Saikat Pattanayak

(Bengali, M.A, Hons. in Bengali, B.Ed, Six month diploma course in Social welfare.)

Experience : 9 Years

Mrs. Sampa Roychoudhuri

(Computer Application, MCA, MCSE, Apple Educational Training from Apple, Certification from IIHT in networking)

Experience : 10 (Mis.) 5 yrs in teaching


Mrs. Sobha Mishra Choubey

(Hindi, M.A in Hindi, B.ed. Basic training in computer)

Experience : 3 years

Mr. Syed Nashir Ahmed

(Physical and Health Education, B.P.ED,M. P.ED, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Coaching, NIS)

Experience : 5 years

Mr. Suborno Roy

(Fine art/ Modeling and sculpture, Master in Visual Art & Art/terracotta)

Experience : 8 years

Mr. Sangit Biswabijoy Biswas

(Music-Instrumental, Master in Music-M.Mus)

Experience : 3 years

Mrs. Sreeparna Nath

(Vocal music, Master in Vocal Music )

Experience : 8 years