Learning Spaces

At Griffins, our emphasis is to provide individual as well as group learning spaces, to our children to nucleate the learning process inside the school campus. The building acts as a catalyst in the complete learning process and compliments our overall concept of providing all round holistic development to the students. Our children should be able to collaborate and this is possible purely at a place where they can meet, interact and synchronize within the campus environment.


Contrary to conventional study pattern, Griffins exposes its children to Activity based learning.


Well-designed storage can

  • Help to make learning spaces more effective and flexible.
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of a room.

The campus has large corridors along the sides. The spaces are effectively developed into learning streets with soft boards installed on the walls and every piece of art, theme, concepts, quotes, ideas developed by the children would be highlighted on it for the passerby to witness. It is great way of spreading information and keeping the spaces alive.


These are used for group activities, such as assemblies, get together, celebrations, events etc at the school