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Griffins International School
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International School Award (ISA)

International School Award (ISA) - By British Council

The world we live in is evolving at a rapid rate leading to a lot of changes happening simultaneously which we need to be aware of. It is our job to lead our students towards the path of being a global citizen. The most important aspect of growing as a global citizen is to have tolerance and an acceptance to change. The ISA program is a truly incredible accreditation scheme that builds strong bonds and creates relationships. Working on the various projects undertaken such as, Tribal Life, Medicinal Plants, Monuments, Classical Dance gave the students and teachers an opportunity to revive and explore their talents and potential. This program provided the students an opportunity to connect with different countries through its collaborative activities. ISA provided an exposure to rich learning experiences that helped the students to extend their learning horizons beyond the textbooks. It opened up new avenues for our teachers, students as well as parents. It has revived our thought process and developed global competencies.

Our Seven Projects


The project was a collaborative one for the students of class 6 in which they explored the plants around us to get acquainted with their medicinal values, research about their origins, how they are planted and used for curing several diseases. A series of activities were conducted during the project which included making of Herbarium Album, preparing PowerPoint Presentations, Field Trips and Excursions, Plantation of Herbs in the school compound etc.


It was a collaborative project wherein the students got to understand why their parents and teachers always insist them to take healthy food. The fact that obesity is growing amongst the children worldwide with the regular consumption of junk foods is quite alarming. The Aim of this Project was to make the students aware of the benefits of healthy food and that even healthy food can be prepared with tongue clinging flavours. In order to incorporate the message of this project amongst the students, a series of activities were conducted during the time span.


The project and its activities were designed in a way that the modern day children get to know about the art and architecture of the past and also the science behind the monuments. As a constant endeavor, we, the Griffinites, always strive to give a global dimension to the activities so that we can transform the enthusiasm into global knowledge.


This project was designed to make the children aware of the animal world. It aimed at exploring various animals, their habitats, food and sounds. It also helped the children to know about the extinct, endangered and threatened species. The objective of this project was to bring the kids closer to the animals and develop their feeling of love for them.


Classical Dance is an umbrella term for various performance arts rooted in the religious beliefs of different regions, whose theory and practice can be traced to their origin. From the term, “Rhythm Beyond Boundaries” it is significant that we were keen on researching about the classical dance forms of not only India, but other nations as well and no doubt the Griffinites acquired a great deal of knowledge about the dance forms of India, Japan, France, Cambodia and Thailand.


From the title it is evident that the aim of this project is a study about the tribes who have been living between two odds: their own tribal world which is in transition, and the new social order which opens up vistas for their transformation. During this project we aimed at imparting the facts about the tribes of India and Africa to the students.

In the course of the project we queued up a series of activities through which the students were able to study the demographic characteristics of the tribes, know their present social, economic and health status and know the reasons why they are endangered.


Traditional costumes are peculiar to or characteristic of a certain nation or ethnic group, which usually retains strong elements of the culture from which it originates. In areas where contemporary Western fashions have become usual, traditional costumes are often worn in connection with special events and celebrations, particularly those connected with cultural traditions, heritage, or pride. Our aim behind this project was to inculcate the feeling of pride for one’s own traditional attire as well as to respect for the attires of other countries amongst our students. They understood the geographical reasons that affect the dressing of the people of different regions.

Griffins International School feels proud to have accomplished this achievement by meeting the assessment criteria through the combined effort of the ISA team and students. We’ve won the prestigious International School Award conferred by British Council for session 2018-21.


The main purpose of an excursion is to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of classroom. The aim of these trips is to observe the subject in its natural state and to understand the real, multicultural world. With this idea, Griffins International School has meticulously organized many field trips to add fun and enthusiasm to the subject matter while enriching the minds in bringing out the best out of the students. Few of them are listed below:-

  • Trip to Ranchi State Museum and Tribal Museum
  • Trip to the city of temples- Bishnupur
  • Visit to the Amlachoti Medicinal Plants Garden, Jhargram
  • Visit to Kamarchak tribal village
  • Visit to Midnapore Food Festival
  • Visit to Kharagpur Railway garden and Museum