Having experienced poverty personally and worked up my way through all the adversities with hard work, support from our employees and God’s grace despite very little education, I have come to realize education is the only true gift parents can give to their children. Life gives us many challenges and good education helps us to be better prepared to face them. The value of ethics and discipline in civil life can never be impressed enough as they are key to happy and successful life. With this initiative, we hope to instill in our children the ability to face adversity with confidence, enjoy success with humility and defeat fear with belief in inner self, sail through grief with hope and faith in almighty.

We expect our children to grow up into gentlemen and ladies who set the bar higher for future generations in terms of ability and performance. We have looked to provide them with an ambience where their abilities can be fully blossomed.



Founder Trustee, Govind Behari Yadav Trust

Education is at the core of human development. Education is not the amount of information put into one’s brain, runs riot there, undigested, all his life. It must have assimilation of ideas for man-making, character building and life-making.
Recent technological advancement has its footprint in all walks of human life including education. the role of schools is very crucial at this juncture. the school education must be aimed at shaping the overall life of its pupils. the future belongs to young ones who are adept in using the latest technology for their growth and development.
Griffins International School has made every effort to ensure high quality education with innovative teaching- learning process and extra ordinary infrastructure facilities. I am sure with the best systems in place; Parents could be assured of top quality education for their wards.

With immense confidence, I can add that under the overall guidance and support of its Chairman, Mr. Abishek Yadav, a brilliant IITian from Kharagpur, the students of Griffins International School will emerge out as smart, positive thinking and confident individuals with human values; and contribute their bit in the progress of this country.



Ph.D. (Engg.) Professor & Head
(Machinery Systems, Ergonomics & Safety)
Professor, Agriculture and Food Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur