Higher Standard Curriculum

High School Grades IX to XII (Age14 - Age 17)

High school education will lay emphasis on the choice of subject and focus on concept building, career planning and preparation for competitive examinations.

Our children will appear for the following competency enhancement exams
  • National talent search Examination – NTSE
  • Science Olympiad foundation – SOF
  • Career Assessment Test
  • Assessment of scholastic skill to educational testing – ASSET
Our children will get exposed to some unique concepts such as:
  • Robotics lab
  • Mathematics lab
  • Computer lab
  • English language lab

Griffins will nurture leadership skills, problem solving aptitude and creative thinking through a range of high quality academic practices.

Our children will get exposed to some unique concepts such as:
  • English
  • Bengali/Sanskrit
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Work Education or Pre-Vocational Education
  • Art Education
  • Health and Physical Education

Students may offer any one of the following as an additional subject: Language other than the two compulsory languages (offered as subjects of study) OR Commerce, Painting, Music, Home Science, Foundation of Information Technology/Information and Communication Technology.