EduSports works with schools to implement a best-in-class Physical Education & Sports program. The program is designed to offer the same rigor in sports and physical education as in academics. This ensures the children learn holistically through physical activity and sports in addition to helping children improve their health and fitness levels dramatically.

Griffins International School offers, Active Kidz for Preprimary Children, Primary school program though SOARTM platform, India’s first integrated school sports and physical education program.

Curriculum in Primary School (Std 1 to 5) covers:

  • Structured on ground lesson plans for all children- the programme is age appropriate executed with appropriate props (equipments and structured curriculum lessons) and inclusive(covers all children)
  • Fundamental skill learning through a structured curriculum-skills covered include gross motor skills, body management skills, space awareness skills, manipulative and non-manipulative skills
  • Modified sports for all children- the programme is age appropriate (executed with appropriate props/equipment and structured curriculum lessons) and inclusive (covers all children)

Middle School

MILES - Integrated Sports Education Platform for Middle Schoolers (Std 5 and above)

Highlights of MILES

  • Leverages experience of working with over 300,000 children
  • Improves the health & fitness levels of all children
  • Leads to development of leadership and social skills in children
  • Includes platform for observation & measurement of fitness and life skills
  • Prepares students for excellence in school, career and life
EduSports Healthy Mindz is the fitness assessment module which measures the specific learning outcomes prescribed by the PE/Sports curriculum running in the school. It broadly covers:
  • Skills – Covers basic motor, sports & life skills along with multi-sport skills
  • Fitness Indicators – Covers BMI, Aerobic & Anaerobic Capacities, Flexibility, Body Strength etc.
  • The formative nature of the assessments ensure the children learn continuously
  • The comprehensive and continuous nature of the assessment makes them compliant to CBSE/other guidelines
  • Involves key stakeholders like parents, teachers, school administrators on a periodic basis