Digital Library

The library has individual reading area along with groups and teams so that a reader will have corner that suits the need and requirement. The library initially comprises more than 2000 books, along with daily news, weekly periodicals and monthly/ annual subscriptions for children and teachers apart from the reference titles related to specific subject.


We at Griffins International School are firm believers of the proverb ‘Readers are the Leaders’. We have 1650 sq ft of space specially dedicated for the school library. Our library is the storehouse of knowledge and books. It offers more than 3000 books along with daily news, weekly, periodicals and monthly/ annual subscriptions for children and teachers. In addition, e-books and audiovisual aids are also available for the school community. The library offers individual reading corners along


with the team to suit the needs of the individual. We have interlinked our academics along with books in such a way that it focuses on developing the reading habits in children through celebrating theme based weeks, such as Science Week, Stories Week, Poetry Week, etc. These activities not only help children to develop interest in reading & enhancing reading skills but they also open the doors of knowledge and wisdom.